Bering Watch

# 500-00162 In Stock

Bering Watch

# 500-00162 In Stock

Women's Bering UltraSlim yELLOW WITH WHITE DIAL


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Stock Number 500-00162
Style Number 17231-734
Department Timepieces
Type Watch
Sub Type Women's Watches

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Miska Jewelers Bering

The Arctic means a lot to founder Michael Witt Johansen from Denmark, as his father traveled to Greenland and the Faroer Islands as a salesman for more than 25 years, bringing stories and images from there which have been a very important part of his life. His trips to Greenland enabled him to create great memories by experiencing the spectacular nature.

A cornerstone of the BERING story is Michael Witt Johansen‘s friend and cofounder René Kaerskov who parachute  jumped on the North Pole. The purpose for this jump was to raise public awareness for the global warming by promoting the “Earth Hour".

When René sent Michael his photos from his journey to the Northpole, it was two stories coming together to one idea. It’s BERING Time!

Michael Witt Johansen and his former business partner Lars Gram- Skjønnemann started developing the BERING Design Concept „inspired by arctic beauty“. It’s a combination of the Arctic beauty and the root elements of the world-famous, modern, timeless Danish-design.


Exactly 280 years ago, the Danish sailor Vitus Bering braced himself for a daring adventure: in 1728 he set sail for an almost unknown area of ...